February 5

Posted by: The Venus Foundation

We are your neighbors, friends, and family. We want to make a difference in the lives that need help. If you can help save one life, wouldn’t that be everything to you? Our real goal is to make a difference in your neighborhood because you care. Help make the VENUS SAFE HAVEN a reality. Domestic violence victims need that “fire” to succeed and live!

The Venus Foundation has been contacted by a very prestigious university in Michigan. They may help us with the architectural prints of the first Venus Safe Haven. This is so exciting! Usually the cost of prints with a layout of phases of work and material costs would be in the thousands of dollars. Now we need to provide a property address. We thought we had a property donor. It did not come into being. Anyone interested in donating property in or around St. Joseph county please contact Mary at 517-499-2192. The university classes resume April 7th. We need to provide them an address before that date.


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