When we hear Out of Sight, Out of Mind and Domestic Violence we first think of Triple Disadvantage – Violence Against Women with Disabilities. Statistics show that domestic violence has no boundaries and has an effect on everyone. Even if you personally do not know anyone that has been abused, the financial cost to investigate,  prosecute and rehabilitate the abusers does. I want to talk about how the victims are “Out of sight, Out of mind” and how we need “Safe Havens” for the families that are victims in Southern Michigan.

The Venus Foundation was created and has the dream of building “THE VENUS SAFE HAVEN”, in memory of Venus Rose Stewart tribute site who fell victim to domestic violence. While progress has been made in realizing this dream the lack of community acknowledgement and involvement has made the project out of sight, out of mind…

Even though I personally did not know Venus, and not to be presumptuous can only imagine how losing her has been a tragedy for her family and friends and believe a facility like “THE VENUS SAFE HAVEN” will save lives. That life could be your niece, sister, mother, friend, classmate and the list goes on.

I hope everyone can understand how important “THE VENUS SAFE HAVEN” is for Southern Michigan and how safe havens do save lives. The Venus Foundation needs your help and appreciates any and everything you can do to see their dream accomplished.

I left Southern Michigan out of high school but always remember what a special place it was. I am proud to be from small town U.S.A. and always brag about how people care about their neighbors and community… I know I’m right!

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